Countdown to New Year 2024 online

Countdown to New Year 2024

Countdown to New Year 2024 — 2024-01-01 12:00 am (-207 days)

There are many New Year celebration traditions around the world. In some countries, the New Year is celebrated on a grand scale, in others - more modestly.

For example, in China, the New Year is called the “Spring Festival” and is celebrated according to the lunar calendar. On this day, the Chinese organize colorful processions, set off fireworks and give each other red envelopes with money.

In Japan, New Year is also celebrated on a grand scale. The Japanese decorate their homes with garlands of pine branches, which symbolize longevity. There are also parades on city streets where artists and musicians perform.

In France, New Year is considered a family holiday, and the French spend it with close friends and relatives. On New Year's Eve, the French gather at a festive table, which necessarily includes poultry dishes, as well as champagne and wine.

In Italy, New Year is called “Capodanno” and is celebrated with great joy. Italians set off fireworks, dance and sing on the streets of cities, and also give each other souvenirs and sweets.

Thus, there are many different traditions of celebrating the New Year in the world, and each country has its own characteristics and customs.

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